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Photo / Video / Drone • for Litigation Usage

We speciailize in capturing detailed photos and videos of injuires that need to be documented for lawsuits, juries and arbitration.  

Dog bites, burns and scars often look minimized in a cell phone photo. This is why it is important to have a source that knows how to light and capture detailed images that can be used for litigation purposes. Our super high-resolution files will also support very large blow-ups for use with a jury.      

If your client has been affected by a Bite, Burn, Scarring or Disfigurement, we can help preserve the evidence with detailed photos. If a Faulty Product is the cause of an injury, detailed photos or video will preserve it for the legal process.       

If there is Structural Damage, a drone may be the best way to preserve what happened. We hold a FAA Part 107 Drone license, making it possbile for us to get to high elevations and/or close to areas that may otherwise be too far to record detailed information. 

If you have obtained security video that is low quality, dark and lacking detail, we may be able to help! We have processes that can often improve these low quality videos, providing the visual evidence needed for litigation.     


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